closer gash web

Purple with White Polka Dots and Red, 2014, 18″ x 24″, mixed media on watercolor paper




Come and play



Now please stay

Whack goes the bat

Down with a Splat

Everyone runs away

Closer Audio Clip


Little Miss. K

Little Miss. K K⋊

Went out to play play play

There was a boy boy boy

She said no way way way

Behind the trash trash trash


And now she has has has

A great big




Little Miss. K Audio Clip



Out they go to drink, drink, drink

In mother’s bed I think think think

My little eyes go wink wink wink

They fall again to drink drink drink

Father gives a wink wink wink

In their bed I sink sink sink


Sink Audio Clip


Clap Patterns and Lullabies

Statement for Purple with White Polka Dots with Red and Closer 

Both of these pieces are based on an experience I had at age 6.   I was playing Wiffle ball with the kids in my apartment complex and a boy we soon discovered was a sociopath was up to bat.  The batter told the group he wanted to go upstairs to get his brand new aluminum bat, instead of having to use the thin traditional one made of yellow plastic.  Batter Up! I was pitching. “Closer…closer”, he said.  Whack!!!  He had hit me in the head with the bat.    I fell down and blacked out.  When I came to I didn’t know what had hit me.  I saw the look on my younger brother’s face, he was ghostly white and crying.  I looked down to the hot black tar and there was a pool of blood.  I looked down at myself; my favorite jersey shirt and short set, once covered in a pattern of purple with white polka dots was now drenched in glossy red blood.