Picking Up the Pieces Installation

The truth is often stranger than fiction.  Appropriating and altering materials I create domestic scenes where nothing is as it seems.  Appearing normal from afar, I use personal and found objects to communicate issues around mental illness, family, gender, and social taboos.  Dining room chairs with objects embedded below the surface of their Saran wrapped cushions.  Tea and coffee cups lie about, lipstick and coffee ring stained, with glass from the sidewalks of Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood fired within.  Under the stairs lies a pile of orange glitter, a broom, and a laundry basket filled with my own baby clothes.  The labels that once read OshKosh B’gosh now read: white trash, slut, easy, crazy, and worthless.  Catholic iconography is scattered throughout.  The windowsill is flooded with frames of altered family photos and found images.   The window against the wall glows with neon orange, the color of warning.  The white lace JC Penney curtains are coffee stained and tied back with locks of blonde hair.   Through observations in the everyday, I find the bizarre and absurd in the familiar.  Photographing, documenting and labeling out of place objects found in daily life.  Playing with materials, I find interesting and odd juxtapositions, […]
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