New Cook Book

New Cook Book from Ashley Normal on Vimeo.
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Cautionary Tales

The Cautionary Tales series, uses traditional hand game patterns to report on themes of sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence. The lyrics are based on memories from both my mother’s and my own childhood experiences. Clap patterns are part of an oral tradition and their rhythms harken back to elementary school playgrounds where they are taught child to child, spreading American folklore. Teachers and parents also use these to work on communication, listening, and fine motor skills. Under deeper inspection, Cautionary Tales, like the works of the Brothers Grimm and other folklore, serve as a warning of lurking dangers in everyday life. As this work is performative it will be difficult to commodify, so I am asking for the Committee’s support in developing the work and realizing public presentations of it. The sensitive content is not readily embraced in public funding circles, but it’s a story that needs to be told. Free Copy Of Cautionary Tales Zine  
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